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With a myriad of airlines to choose from, and options on how to buy your flights from Heathrow you should be getting the best deal you can. The following guide gives help on how to buy your flights from Heathrow.

Heathrow Flights & Bookings ...

With Internet shopping available for all your travel needs passengers should be making sure they get the very best flight deals when booking on line. Use this guide, with links to online booking for Heathrow Flights, means you should be saving yourself a tidy sum on your Heathrow flight to anywhere in the World.

Here are our tips and advice to buy flights from Heathrow:


Heathrow Flights & Bookings - tips ...

Once you've decided on where you are going to travel make sure you do plenty of research with all airlines so you get the very best price.

You might also want to do some research on the Country you are travelling to too so you can get the very most from your trip:
  • Newspaper travel sections
  • Guidebooks and their websites
  • Your destination's tourist board website
If you refer to the Terminal Information section of this site you can find out which airlines fly from Heathrow.

Considerations When Booking A Flight ...

General Tips
With airline flight prices changed on what can be a daily basis be sure to look at the flight prices being offered via various mediums everyday by checking travel websites, the travel section in the paper, and on Teletext.
If you get offered a great deal straight away and it's only valid for a limited time, don't be afraid to book it, even if you have only looked at a few price comparisons.

Sometimes you can save money by departing either a couple of days before or after your planned dates. Also, some local airports can be cheaper to fly from than International airports.
If ringing travel agents and airlines do so either as late or early in the day as possible because they may be less busy and so have more time to look around for good deals. Also ask if they know about any deals that are not yet advertised.
Nested Tickets
Ask your booking agent about nested tickets that can offer very good deals on flights.

Nested tickets only work when a regular midweek fare is over twice the price of an excursion fare (includes a Saturday stopover) to the same destination.

This works by, for example, you have been quoted £150 for a flight from Heathrow to Belfast return. It goes out on a Monday, returning on the Friday of the same week but you can find a return that requires you to stay for a weekend and is priced £75 or less, it is worth buying a nested ticket.

Buy a £75 excursion return ticket leaving on Monday, coming back late in the next week. Then you need to buy another £75 excursion return ticket with the outgoing flight from Belfast to Heathrow for the Friday. The return journey of this second ticket should be dated early in the next week.

By doing this you basically get two return flights for the price of one! If you nest the tickets with consideration of your future travel planes you might be able to make use of all the tickets and save money. It is a bit confusing but by doing the research you should get a cheaper deal.
Split Tickets
Also consider buying what's called a split ticket. This means that you break up your journey buy changing at an interim airport instead of a direct flight to your destination and this can save you money.

You will need to ask your travel agent who will be able to help you buy both nested and split tickets. Do check first thought, as some travel agents do not offer these tickets.
Budget Airlines
When booking with budget airlines you need to book as early as possible to get the very best price as prices will increase each day that goes by.

In most cases budget airlines won't be the cheaper option if you are flying very shortly after booking the ticket, you need to book budget airlines well in advance.

And don't forget that flights priced at £1 are cheap but you are still liable to pay taxes some your fare could be, say, £20.
Book online as this usually saves a few pounds.

Delays & Increased Legroom ...

Try the following and get some extra leg room during your flight:
  • Some of the larger tour operators who own their own airline like Thomson allow you pre-book seats for a usually a small fee when buying a package holiday.

    Some also offer supplements that give you better in-flight meals and a bit more legroom.

  • Ask which kind of plane you're flying on and then look to see if there are seat plans on the airline website.

  • Try and avoid delays by booking flights that are the first in the day or the last at night to leave the airport on that day. Also avoid code-sharing tickets. This is when two airlines are taking you to your destination.

    Try and book the most direct flight you can so you can try and avoid your baggage being lost or delayed and also if your aim is to avoid delays.

Booking Flights and Upgrades...

If you are wanting to get an upgrade the most likely way is to get bumped.

Bumped is when passenger numbers and the calculations made go wrong the airline has to ask if anyone will volunteer to be 'bumped' on to the next available flight.

You'll likely to get travel vouchers, cash or an upgrade if you choose to be bumped. You could even be offered a phone card, food voucher, temporary pass to the executive lounge or, a room at an airport hotel.

You'll likely to be offered travel vouchers valid for use inside the airport only, as they will be worth more than any cash offered. Although you do have the right to ask for cash as well.

Travel Agents...

When booking a flight with a travel agent bear in mind that when they make a flight sale they are paid a commission from the airlines so to secure you as a passenger on their flight. With this in mind, do push for the best deal that you can.

And don't be afraid to ask your travel agent if it is worth you trying to shop around the airlines yourself. And don't be fooled by vague promises of renowned airlines and fancy hotels from your travel agent. Be sure to ask for exact details of the offer and be careful to check the small print you were not told about.

Offers in the Sunday papers from companies who buy seats in bulk on planes can offer good deals so it's worth considering them, but don't stop researching the best deal.
Banish the Middleman
  • See if your company get special deals through an agent, likewise if you're a member of a union.

  • Consider beating any brochure prices by booking direct - both the flight and the hotel.

  • What about thinking about being a courier? By carrying something in your luggage for a respected business can save you at least £100 on most flights. However, you need to be very flexible so only backpackers tend to take up this option. And only use official organisations.

  • City breaks in Europe are perfect for arranging yourself and saving yourself lost of money. And bookings are made easy thanks to the Internet.


Booking Online Internet...


Websites like Expedia visit all the websites of major airlines travelling to your destination. You'll see a breakdown of who is flying, when where from and for how much money.

If the flight is covered by Atol (Air Travel Organisers' Licensing) and you stick to the big UK-based sites you should be fine. When making any payment online always make sure the website's server is totally secure by looking for the padlock symbol on your browser.

Once tickets have been paid for you should receive an email shortly after confirming your details. The law states that this email must confirm your Atol protection.

It may also be worth visiting which allows you to bid - like an auction - for your own price for flights. Airlines can sell you a flight ticket if you have made a reasonable offer and if they can. There's no point bidding really low though as it will be rejected straight away. Make your bid about 20-30% lower than the regular advertised fares. Remember most flights offered have severe restrictions so check the small print !

By signing up to specialised email mailing lists of major airlines you can be made aware of offers first. Sign up to This site monitors the internet for any coupon deals and has a special travel section listing all the airlines' special offers.

Also travel newsgroups are a good way of hearing about the best deals on flights. Try - to start your searching go to "" or "". If you have a question don't be scared to ask other users for advice because they will help you.


Travel Agents and Fare Searchers ...

Here you can look through available Online bookers and try and get the best deals around.
Travel Agent Website
Air Net
Bargain Holidays
Cheap Flights
Deck Chair
E Bookers
Last Minute
Major Travel
Sky Deals
The First Resort
Thomas Cook
Trail Finders

Travel Agents and Fare Searchers ...

Here are the major airlines which fly from Heathrow and most UK airports, for flight information:

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